Military curfew in Juba targeting journalists

Kiir administration is running out of options for proper governance of South Sudan. The way forward now is blockage of all roads inside Juba, so that the security personnel can be able to capture journalists reporting about SPLM turmoil. The administration priority in this blockage of roads is just targeting journalists and especially those reporting about recent “president announcement regarding dissolution of SPLM party”.

For Kiir administration, these journalists are the real problem that why there is no “development” in South Sudan. President Kiir forgot that his administration is the true culprit and stopping the country to develop properly.

The journalists are just reporting the true nature of Kiir administration without developmental agenda. Instead of focusing on development of South Sudan, Kiir administration continues on targeting journalists.

The administration does not allow constructive criticism of South Sudan government. Any journalists in the country risk their life daily by just reporting Kiir administration lack of focus. It reached an extend every media houses in the country must only “report favourite news about Kiir administration” or risk closure of their newspapers plus their life. The media houses in South Sudan are under pressure from Kiir administration because the government have no respect for their independent reporting.

This same oppression was the main cause of South Sudan long civil war. The current government need to ensure this abuse of journalists stop. Southerners need real freedom for all not just few elites constantly terrorising journalists. The independent for South Sudan was achieved, it is time for Kiir administration allowing Southerners to participate in building and enjoying their hard work. For South Sudan to be successful it requires all her citizens participation not only few elites.

The media houses in South Sudan have nothing to do with the current political turmoil. These journalists or media houses were just informing Southerners of current status-quo in the country. The military curfew impose by Kiir administration is just to instal fear in Southerners and a tool for abusing journalists.

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About William Orule

Democracy is the way forward so that developing countries can flourish into modern world. This democracy come with freedom of press and political participation by all citizens. For the people to be free they have ultimate right to express themselves politically without any suppression or intimidation from authority. The right to speak is a basic human value that should not be interfere with. If there is an interference then there will be no democracy but dictatorship that can lead to chaos.
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One Response to Military curfew in Juba targeting journalists

  1. Daniel Male says:

    Some sentence is running now the 30 11 2013 on the screen of THE CITIZEN TV SOUTH SUDAN part read” will close down at 700 pm due to restrictions,, help me know it pliz

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